1. Marianna M.

    I wanted to update my resume skills. Thanks to the committed and encouraging staff, the hands-on training, and the small class sizes I was able to achieve a proper understanding of the curriculum. I also improved my typing and 10-key. With my new transferable skills I feel prepared to re-join the workforce. Now that I’ve earned my certificate, I’m so thankful for all the assistance in career services. If you’re focused and ready to learn, this school is for you.

    Marianna M
  2. Paola C.

    The instructors offered a lot of encouragement and had patience. I wanted to gain administrative skills and now I have more confidence in my skill set.

    Paola C.
  3. Status Medical Management

    The environment and instructors were amazing! Without the education I received here, I would not have been able to get a job working in what I love to do best. I would even consider going back to receive education in other curriculum they have.

    Kayla U.
  4. Depobook Court Reporting Services

    I would recommend attending Computer Tutor to all of my friends and even family! After taking their Administrative Accounting Clerk II course, I was able to land a job as an Office Manager at a court reporting firm and I had absolutely no administrative background before attending this school! The instructors and staff genuinely care about my future and with that I was able to successfully complete my courses and obtain my certificate.

    Caroline N.
  5. Maria T.

    Attending here has removed some of the “rough edges” that had been hindering my ability to move forward. I chose to attend because of the job placement and networking services. Thank you for accepting me into your school.

    Maria T.
  6. Rachel S.

    The faculty and staff does a great job to make sure you learn. Now I have more knowledge that I didn’t have before and attending has motivated me to reach even further!

    Rachel S.
  7. Kaleen G

    I know what I like doing. When I attended other schools I felt like I was learning a lot of unnecessary subjects. I learned exactly what I needed in order to get the job I want. Everything was great. You need more locations to do what you guys do!

    Kaleen G.
  8. Teresa Johnson & Associates

    Everything was great. I couldn’t ask for a better school. Everyone here is awesome!

    Rena R. Employed with Teresa Johnson & Associates

    Rena R.
  9. Stanislaus County of Education

     I really liked that it was a hands-on program. The training helped me get my foot in the door to start a career!

    Chelsea F. Employed with Stanislaus County of Education

    Chelsea F.
  10. Clendenin Bird & Company

     Coming to school full time from 8 to 5 was a challenge, but it prepared me for a full time administrative position. I was able to enhance my skills and now I have a professional resume. I liked that I learned a new subject every week. In the future I plan on continuing my education and eventually becoming a nurse.

    Yovana H. Employed with Clendenin Bird & Company

    Yovana H