If you enjoy working with numbers, turn your skill into a career! Any company that offers a service, sells a product, or generally makes money has to keep track of everything coming in and every penny that goes out to pay for materials and even employee pay. What this means is that every company needs to have someone well-versed in accounting processes to help them keep track of all those expenses. If you enjoy working with facts and figures, that someone could be you! If you’re considering a career as an accounting clerk in Modesto, California, learn more about what that usually entails here:

Job Description

Generally, accounting clerk jobs are office-based and don’t generally call for travel. Standard duties include working with accounts payable and receivable, managing all ledger accounts, and coordinating payments or preparing invoices with customers and vendors. This position calls for someone who can balance multiple accounts, track codes appropriately, and keep detailed records. Accounting clerks are also responsible for keeping up with accounting principles and regulations at the federal and state level.

Salary & Benefits

Based on the national numbers from PayScale.com, the median pay for an accounting clerk is $15.42 an hour, which equates to roughly $37,000 a year. Average annual pay across the country ranges anywhere from $28,000 to $50,000, depending on experience, career training, and company. Of course, pay will vary by location, and Modesto companies generally pay higher than average for a trained accounting clerk. Benefits will vary on a per-company basis, but an accounting clerk can generally expect all or most of the standard benefits package to apply:

  • medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage or employer assistance for the cost
  • life insurance coverage or matching
  • retirement savings, possibly with employer matching


Growth Opportunities

According to PayScale.com, the majority of accounting clerks have between 1 and 9 years of experience. From there, an accounting clerk can move into positions like staff accountant, accountant, accounting manager, and accounts payable clerk. With experience and training, an accounting clerk can ultimately go into careers like senior accountant, financial controller, or certified public accountant (CPA). Ultimately, this means there is plenty of room for growth and several career paths that can lead to higher pay and better benefits—as long as you get the training and experience.

Typical Hours

On average, an accounting clerk position is usually kept to the standard 40-hour work week. However, many accounting clerks earning an hourly wage report earning anywhere from $17 to $31 an hour in overtime pay. Salaried accounting clerks may not get the option of paid overtime, but there is a possibility for bonuses and profit sharing at some companies. As a whole, accounting clerk positions will usually uphold the usual 8 hour work days, Monday through Friday, but this may vary by company.


The skills most companies look for when hiring an entry-level accounting clerk include: Microsoft Office abilities as well as general ledger accounting, account management, banking, and data processing. Applicants should be able to manage accounts payable and accounts receivable as well as maintain records digitally as well as physical copies.   If this sounds like something that interests you as a future career, get the training you need to be successful. Contact Computer Tutor Business and Technical Institute today for bookkeeping classes and more! Get started in our 12 week Administrative Accounting Clerk I career training program, or, for even more training, we also offer 18 and 36 week Administrative Accounting Clerk II coursework. Contact our academic advisors to learn how to get started!